Our Team

Our Team

Dariusz Cieslakiewicz

Data Scientist

Polyglot programmer and GPU enthusiast. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Data Stream Mining.

Analda de Beer

Financial Officer

Analda has a passion to balance numbers. She loves music, family life, travelling and hiking and all kinds of arty stuff.

Henry Kelder

Software Engineer

I enjoy applying my mind to interesting problems, be it cluster computing or making a sandwich.

Irene de Beer

Scrum Master

Hippie incognito. Secret dream is to be a stand up comic. Greatest challenge is accepting I’m not funny. I love making desserts from chickpeas and black beans while drinking red wine.

Ian de Beer


Chop wood, carry water…

MJ Breytenbach

Scala Developer

I love experimenting with and learning about new technologies, playing around with the latest software is always fun.

Alan Nöthnagel

Blockchain Architect

Alan will neither confirm nor deny allegations that he drank rainwater from an old shoe in the Kalahari desert.

Stefan Jacobs

Software Engineer

Enjoys solving challenging problems. Barefoot misfit.

Willem Basson

Dev Ops

There exists that perfect moment: when you move past the fear, when everything turns quiet…when you forget about everything else, and just flow.

Mark Beckerling

Operations Manager

The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything. -Theodore Roosevelt

Michael Venter

Software Engineer

Engineer, with an affinity for history, maps and vexillology.

Rikus de Milander

Electronic Engineer and Developer

Avid programmer and technology explorer. Aspiring cook and food lover. In my spare time I enjoy cross country mountain biking and PC gaming.

Stephan Walters

Software Engineer

Electronic engineer, and aspiring computer neurologist. Enjoys competitive gaming, fishing and following the latest technology trends.

Ian Neethling

Junior Software Developer

I still don’t have all the answers. I’m more interested in what I can do next than what I did last.

Robbie Blaine

Software Developer

PC Gamer that enjoys learning new things, current affairs, and reading.