What can we do for you?

zenAptix offers the following services:

1 – Lab Engagement

2 – Training & Reselling

3 – Consulting

Lab Engagement

We structure our services around the concept of a lab, creating an optimal environment for our clients to become familiar with the big data context, and to experience for themselves the benefit of leveraging the right combination of data and technology.

This allows us to rapidly develop customised POCs, and gives our clients the opportunity to explore their big data needs in a way that they can prototype architectures and business cases without excessive capital expenses.

We are constantly engaged in various pertinent and upcoming technologies/approaches in the evolving big data landscape. And so, as part and parcel of any engagement with us, the various implementations and accumulated knowledge are leveraged to achieve results in as short a time as possible.

Training and Reselling

Our partnerships with Confluent and Lightbend enable us to deliver the sole training, as well as sell the sole enterprise subscriptions for these technologies in the Southern African IT market. In addition, we offer big data and vendor-agnostic blockchain technology training in both classroom and lab engagement formats.

Our current training portfolio includes:

  • Big Data 101 (1 day)
  • Aqueduct Workshop (1 day)
  • Blockchain 101 (1 day)
  • Blockchain 101-C (aimed at C-level, 1/2 day)
  • Confluent Kafka Developer + Operations (5 days)
  • Lightbend Scala Language Professional + Akka for Scala Professional (5 days)
  • Lightbend Scala Language Professional + Spark for Scala Professional (5 days)
  • Lightbend Reactive Architecture Professional (3 days)
  • Lightbend Scala Language Expert + Akka for Scala Expert (5 days)

Our current reselling portfolio includes:

  • Confluent (Kafka)
  • Lightbend (Scala, Spark, Akka)



Through a process of discussion and evaluation of our clients’ needs, we offer a consultation service that assists in the prioritisation of which concepts need to be proven and evaluated with a practical implementation and evaluation of results. This also includes contributions to the Architecture, Best Practices and Strategic goals with regards to our clients’ future architecture roadmap.

The scope of our consultation service can take the form of an advisory function with regards to big data technologies, as identified by the client, as well as any other big data analytics and infrastructure/platform-related technologies that may arise over the course of a lab engagement. This will provide a more well-defined scope as an input into lab work around any identified POC.