You may have watched our video about EOH Big Data Lab’s big data analytics platform, Aqueduct, but you may have also thought to yourself: how would that work in practice? Well, we’ve got you covered.

EOH Big Data Lab’s marketing and communications team, composed of Carel and Cris, are back at it again. This time, they’ve created a video to give you an idea of how our Aqueduct platform works for our clients.

In the video, we’re introduced to Sandi, who owns a chain of beachfront ice cream parlours. Business is good, but could be even better. Every year she runs into the same problems: sometimes she doesn’t order enough ice-cream, other times she doesn’t order it on time; and even when she does place her orders correctly, things happen outside of her control – like the weather: where it rains on summer’s day and no-one comes to the beach.

But like all smart businesses in this digitally-connected world, Sandi wants to take advantage of the available industry data, so that she can address these issues and grow her business. Because her ice-cream parlours are spread across the country, she wants to automate the process and make provision for the many variables – like local weather. With Aqueduct, EOH Big Data Lab’s analytics platform, she can!

By receiving and storing and analysing multiple streams of data, in real-time, Aqueduct applies predictive analytics that maps out the past to understand the present and predict the future. This provides Sandi with the exact information she needs to know how much ice-cream to order, for which parlour, and when. And with machine learning, Aqueduct can also pick up any irregularities and adjust its forecasts; giving Sandi the tools she needs to adapt for when the unpredictable happens – like rain on a summer’s day.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!